10 At Home Date Night Ideas (That Doesn't Include Movie Night)

10 at home date night ideas

  1. Self Care - Face masks, pedis, massages. (we've tried the magnetic face masks and had a blast. Our faces were silky smooth after) 
  2. Wine Tasting - Grab a few bottles of wine and set up a at home wine tasting night. (I'm cheap, so I head straight to Aldi's for Winking Owl Wine for $2.99 a bottle) 
  3. Board/Card Games - We've played Watch Your Mouth and laughed until we cried (Did you know they make an adult version of this game?!)
  4. Bubble Bath - Relax, enjoy each others conversations and drink a glass of wine. 
  5. Dance Party - Turn your living room into the dance floor. Pandora is our go to. Phones down, Pandora on the TV and dance your hearts out ! (I'm a Grey's Anatomy Fan, Dancing It Out really helps!)
  6. Cook Together - Try a new recipe and eat by candle light.
  7. Star Gaze - Take a moment to disconnect from everyday busy life and look at the beauty around you. Grab a blanket and lay on the ground side by side.
  8. Yoga or Meditation - YouTube is my go to for everything and they have great videos for these. 
  9. Campfire and S'mores - Sit outside get some fresh air, kick your feet up and indulge in some s'mores. (After all, some say chocolate is an aphrodisiac)
  10.  Picnic - Throw a blanket down on the living room floor. Make finger foods so you can feed each other. 

No Matter how long you and your significant other have been together it's important to have dates. Making this time for each other should be a top priority. This will help your relationship on so many levels. 

What are you waiting for?! Get dressed up and enjoy your date night!

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XOXO, Jenna  

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