Blanket scarves are one of my weaknesses during fall and winter months. Along with sweaters, cardigans, all the beautiful decorations, and spending to much on Christmas! If I am being honest, everything during fall and winter are my weakness ... well ... besides pumpkin spice! Yes, I am one of those people who doesn't like it. Sorry squirrel... back to the reason for the blog; the blanket scarf! 

Not only does the blanket scarf help keep you cozy and warm but it also adds some interest to a basic outfit. Plaid is my personal favorite because it offers many colors. I like the personality it brings to my outfits. 

Below, I will show you 5 different ways to wear your blanket scarf. Mine is 52 x 52 square. They can come in rectangular shapes, but in my opinion, they are a little harder to style. 

As shown below in the photo, the first thing you are going to do is open your blanket scarf. 

How to wear a blanket scarf


SIMPLE BLANKET SCARF - This is the most common way I see people styling their blanket scarves and in my opinion the easiest. Here's How:

blanket scarf how to 1. Fold the scarf across to make a triangle. 
2. Grab the two far ends of the triangle with each hand.                                       3. Cross the two ends behind your head.                                                              4. Pull them around to the front.                                                                            5. Just leave them dangle to each side.

And you did it! The finished simple blanket scarf should look something like this. 

how to tie a blanket scarf
CLASSIC BLANKET SCARF - This one give a more polished look and it very similar to the first one. Here's How: 
how to tie a blanket scarf
1. Follow all the steps from the simple blanket scarf.
2. When you reach step 4 pulling the ends to the front. 
3. This time you are not going to allow the end pieces to drape. 
4. Take your end pieces under the rest of your scarf and tie them together.                      
This is what the end result should look like (you are simply hiding the end pieces under the rest of your scarf. I believe tying the ends together helps hold things in place) 
how to tie a blanket scarf         
INFINITY BLANKET SCARF - Next up and another easy one. Here's How:
how to tie a blanket scarf
1. Start off the same way as the others with making your blanket scarf into a triangle. 
2. Then bunch the entire scarf up to make it thinner. 
3. Take both end pieces and tie them together to make your scarf one big circle. 
4. Place the scarf behind your neck, then cross it over and wrap it behind your neck again. (scarf should wrap around your neck twice)                                 
Here's what the finished look should be like.
how to tie a blanket scarf 
LOOPED BLANKET SCARF - Onto our fourth blanket scarf tying lesson. Start the same as the rest with your triangle. Here's How:
how to tie a blanket scarf  1. Start with your triangle and just like the infinity blanket scarf you are going to bunch the entire scarf to make it thinner. 
2. Fold it in half finding the center for your loop.
3. Bring the scarf around your neck. 
4. Without choking yourself, pull the ends through the loop. 
And you have it ....   
how to tie a blanket scarf 
PONCHO STYLED BLANKET SCARF - Super easy and can style it up with a belt as well. Here's How:   
how to tie a blanket scarf 1. Start off the same as the other styles with a triangle.
2. Put the tip of the triangle in the middle of your back.
3. Then drape the open ends around your shoulders. 
5. If you want to add a little something extra wrap a belt around it. 
how to tie a blanket scarf
I hope this blog has inspired you on how to style your scarves. Please be sure to tell us in the comments below which is your favorite way to wear yours.
One extra piece of information a friend of mine cuts her scarves in half, BONUS! She keeps one for herself and gives the other to her niece.. 2 for the price of one! 

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