What To Wear Post Pregnancy

Post Pregnancy Outfit Ideas

Look in your own closet and see what options you already have. Great options are slouchy sweaters, maternity tops, scarfs etc... It's always a bonus to save money and use what you have. Don't be ashamed to keep wearing those maternity clothes. Remember … Give your body time, you've earned that postpartum baby belly. Rock that damn thing girl ! 

 Tunic Tops - Girl, I still live in these. They can be worn many different ways. Helps hide the PP pouch and covers the booty to pair with leggings. 

 Kimonos, cardigans, ponchos, vests, jackets etc.. Bonus, they can double as a nursing wrap, if you want to be discreet. 

 Leggings - I mean who doesn't love leggings?! I'm 7 years PP and still wear them. High-Waisted ones will help hold things in and gives tummy coverage if your nursing. A simple pair of black leggings can go with everything. They are comfortable and look cute. 

If you don't have any, invest in a few. They serve several purposes. Not only do they look great and can pull an outfit together but secondly they draw attention away from your midsection. Third, best for last, use it as a nursing cover up.

Let's be honest, you'll be wearing these 99% of the time. Grab a few pairs and remember black can go with everything and its more slimming. 

 Oversized Sweaters and T-Shirts - A go to for lounging around the house or dress up to go out with baby. These tops are comfortable, easy for nursing and cute.

Dark Colors - They tend to be more slimming and more forgiving when you need to spot clean some baby spit up off. 


Mom to Mom Pep Talk - If you are reading this, you are probably a new mama or a mom-to-be. CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU ARE A FREAKEN ROCK STAR. Your body just accomplished an amazing thing: For nine months your body nourished and birthed a human being. Take a moment to let that all sink in .. and realize how amazingly beautiful that is. We Moms tend to forget what a HUGE DEAL, that it.

Give yourself time, be kind to yourself. Your body has stretched, rearranged, and expanded to carry this tiny human, who is now your entire world. Don't ever look at your PP body with shame, be proud of what your body just accomplished. Postpartum is messy, emotional and beautiful. You might forget the last time you showered and if you make it out of your pajamas, well I call that a victory. 

XOXO, Jenna

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